The advantages and functions of the diamond mesh anti-theft gauze

1.Anti-mosquito: The structure of our diamond mesh body is woven from the aperture size of the gauze net, which is effective for insect and fly control, and has the excellently light transmission effect. The visual sense from the inside to the outside is clear without the sense of cage. From the outside looking inside is the role of dense fog to see flowers, everyone is satisfied with the private space of Yuandong diamond mesh.

2.Anti-theft: Our diamond wire mesh body is woven with special metal wires, commonly known as the diamond wire mesh. The raw material is 304 stainless steel wire 80 series, and the surface protection adopts powder electrostatic spraying treatment. Its super hardness and strength can resist the knife and axe. Yuandong diamond mesh prevents intruders from invading and safeguards the family life and industrial safety.

3. High-altitude protection: The mesh body can withstand high-strength impact, which can effectively prevent children from accidentally falling from the building and sliding the flower pot. Even in a high-rise residence, the man and the children in the room will not be in an unsafe situation due to the opening of the doors and windows, and the windows can be opened at any time for ventilation.

4. Anti-snake and rodent-proof: The gauze wire with a crisscross structure is 0.8 mm in diameter, and it has been inspected by SGS in the world. The impact resistance can reach 2.148 tons. Rats and snakes can only bypass.

5. Permeability: It has excellent light transmission effect. It has a clear visual sense from the inside to the outside with no cage feeling. From the outside to the inside, it is the function of dense fog to see the flowers, satisfying everyone’s private space.